Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday Classes- High School & Adult Group

These images are from my High School/Adult group over the 6 week workshop.
Liz Bishop is trying out pastels for this figure study.

Say cheese, Liz!!!

This is a drawing of Andre done by Marci Green, who is my only adult in the class.

Marci, working of her drawing of Andre.

A good vantage point of Marci & Andre modeling.

My daughter, Ginger is also trying out a pastels for a study of the model.

Tate Peterson is having a very "good" day at the drawing board, in the zone.

Tate's drawing.

Tate, showing off the hallmark of an artist, charcoal all over the side of her hand.

Yes, this is the mark of an artist!

Another drawing of Tate's.

Marci's drawing of Alison, another model. Well done! And she was all worried at first!

A close-up of Marci's piece.

Ginger working on a reclining pose of Alison.

Friday Figure Drawing class: can you believe that these are middle school students?

Aliya Qureshi is age 12 and has never taken an art class before.

Aliya is in the house, and in the zone.

Another view of Aliya's work.

Brooke Fuller, age 13, and McKaeln Hart, age 11, are busy and intent on their drawings.

Looks like Brooke is in the zone!

More from Aliya Qureshi. Doing a rockin' rendering!

Dasha Berringer, age 11, is concentrating on her work.

McKaeln Hart is having a break through day working on her figure.

It is fun to see your student have "aha!" moments, and I think McKaeln was having one of those.
Dasha is using her pencil as a measuring and gauging tool.

Looks like Dasha is loving using highlights on her drawing.

It is fun to Have Miri Case, age 11, in my class again. I had her back in 2004 during Art Camp. Miri is also loving working on classical drawing with highlights.
Brooke is having a very good day at the drawing board. One of her best compostitions.

Ethan Raphael, age 11, is also having a very good day at the drawing board. Nice rendering, Ethan!

Miri is assessing her work after just having sign it.

Dasha is enjoying rendering shadows and highlights.

Another view of Miri and her work.

A nice view of Aliya and Andre (ou model) and making good headway into her drawing. Can you believe that all those above these are middle school art students?!?!?! They rock!

My Figure Drawing Workshop Begins! April 17 & 18th, 2009

Below are some highlights from Day 1 of my Figure Drawing Workshops which began on April 17th & 18th, 2009. My Friday class consisted of middle schoolers and my Saturday class, high schoolers through adult.

Emma Fuller models while my Saturday class is in session. Shown are Marci Green and Tate Peterson (HS Freshman).

Marci Green is doing a gesture drawing of Emma.

Liz Bishop too is working on her gesture drawing, which is an exercise to loosen up at the beginning of class.

Here is my Friday class on Day 1.

Another view of my Friday class in full swing.