Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday Classes- High School & Adult Group

These images are from my High School/Adult group over the 6 week workshop.
Liz Bishop is trying out pastels for this figure study.

Say cheese, Liz!!!

This is a drawing of Andre done by Marci Green, who is my only adult in the class.

Marci, working of her drawing of Andre.

A good vantage point of Marci & Andre modeling.

My daughter, Ginger is also trying out a pastels for a study of the model.

Tate Peterson is having a very "good" day at the drawing board, in the zone.

Tate's drawing.

Tate, showing off the hallmark of an artist, charcoal all over the side of her hand.

Yes, this is the mark of an artist!

Another drawing of Tate's.

Marci's drawing of Alison, another model. Well done! And she was all worried at first!

A close-up of Marci's piece.

Ginger working on a reclining pose of Alison.

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